Do You Feel Called to Egypt?

Your journey on a retreat pilgrimage to Egypt starts here. With the magnificent blend of the past and the present, be ready to encounter the divine because “AMAZING” often has its own agenda! That’s why we customize your trip because your call to Egypt has to be as significant as you are!

Experience your unforgettable journey of a lifetime!


All you need to do is lay back and leave the smallest of details to us. Whether you are looking for a thrilling adventure through the four Pharaonic temples of Dendera, Edfu, Esna and Kom Ombo, yearning for a relaxed beach tan on the coastline of the Red Sea or getting to know hidden secrets of Cairo streets, we guarantee that your experience is one that you will never forget. So, sit back and enjoy!

We customize your trip because your call to Egypt has to be as significant as you are!

Quest Travel was established in 1996 with the purpose of connecting people from all over the world to meet in Egypt, the land of peace, to explore their inner-self by connecting with Egypt’s magic in history and culture.


Being in the industry for over 25 years, Quest Travel has not only magically become a mind reader of every traveler that is being called to Egypt, but also acquired a well-rounded and strongly founded platform with all industry pillars in Egypt to give you the unexpected and memorable experience of this magnificent country in a very unique and mesmerizing way.


Our philosophy is built on a strong passion for travel and hospitality. Our passion for the hidden gems and untapped potential of unexplored cities drive our curiosity. And we cascade this passion for travel to our customers to ensure their journey is magical and breathtaking.


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Clients & Testimonials

Beautiful Fairy Tale

“What an amazing and beautiful fairy tale birthday it was.. Gratitude beyond words to my beloved Yves Nager and our dearest Mohamed Nazmy for co-conspiring to arrange this most beautiful birthday celebration for me. It was like walking into a fairy tale dream… with flowers, a gifted musician playing the most beautiful music, soothing glowing golden light overlooking the glowing blue water fountain and the historic and charming Winter Palace.

My never ending love and appreciation to my loving husband Yves for arranging this magical b-day surprise in this gorgeous historic setting right on the Niles and very close to the temple of Luxor. And my dearest Mohamed, you just never cease to amaze us… You say one word and things get manifested… You are a divine magician with the most loving and generous heart and a true King of Love! Yves and I are both so blessed to get to spend this amazing time with you in our beloved Egypt throughout our journey and learn sooo much from you about leading from the heart. We are looking forward to co-creating more magical journeys with you her in Egypt and spreading the message of love and peace around the world. Thank you and we love you.”

Eunjung Choi


The Power of Love

“I want to share a vision I received this morning while meditating.
Through Mohamed’s love for Egypt and wish to assist us all to open up to our love and soul connection with her, he has paved the way for a grand rebirth of what was once the golden age here.

The power of Love is the greatest power there is; it transforms all darkness and is immediately felt by the one who is the receiver of it.

In the love Mohamed WAS and radiated; he created a global network of souls who now, through our grand love for Egypt and in gratitude over how Mohamed enriched our lives; may assist Egypt in its rebalance and opening up to its grand heritage. Just be the LOVE we feel in our hearts towards Mohamed and Egypt. Nothing to DO.”

Arinna Sterner


Magnificent Adventure

“My husband Gary and myself have traveled with Quest tours since 1994. I met Mohamed Nazmy and fell in love with his warmth and love for all people. My first experience with Egypt had me hooked! I have been 25 times or more and each and every time Quest makes sure every single guest feels at home. From the moment we land in Cairo I know anything we need or want will be provided and each tour surpasses the next. The Afandina is the most authentic way to cruise the Nile.

Quest is now in the hands of Mohamed’s children, Nancy and Marawan. I have known Nancy since she was 5 and Marawan since he was born. They have managed to maintain the same integrity and quality and have expanded and are moving forward in a way that would make their parents so proud. Egypt is a treasure. There is no other way I would ever want to visit my beloved Egypt. Quest makes our travel smooth and elegant.
In my opinion, it’s the only way to travel.”

Andrea Smith


The Incredible Journey

“In 1996 I was privileged to be on the very first Quest Tour. Founded by Mohamed Nazmy in 1995, Quest is the first company to specialize in spiritual tours before they became popular in Egypt. Mohamed and his company created the opportunity for spiritual seekers to experience Egypt in private visits that were not available before he opened those doors. In addition to making the impossible possible, Quest’s attention to service, high quality accommodations, fluid and seamless travel, all given with a huge heart and gracious hospitality, make it the best travel company in all of Egypt. I have lead over 50 tours over 25 years with Quest and can say that no other company can give you the quality, the love and the attention to detail that Quest provides.

Now Mohamed’s son Marawan and his daughter Nancy have taken the helm since Mohamed passed in 2019. And they have continued to walk in their father’s footsteps creating new and exciting experiences for the spiritual and non-spiritual traveler alike. If you desire to see Egypt either as a solo traveler or on a very specialized tour, Quest is the best company you can find! I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Jane Bell - Founder of Presence of Heart LLC

Dream Tour

“I was first introduced to Quest Travel in April 2002. I had tried a couple of other contacts to arrange support services for my travel groups but it was disappointing at best. One night, in 2002 I was introduced to Mohamed Nazmy . That night my life and destiny shifted for I soon discovered that I had somehow connected to the travel partner of my dreams. I began arranging my private group tours through Mr Nazmy and never looked back!

Through Quest, I began to enjoy strong support services, first rate and luxurious accommodations, a staff that worked with open hearts and knew the spirit of true service, excellent food and other logistics. I soon realized that I also had safety, security, stability like nothing I had ever experienced. Quests founder and president, Mr. Mohamed Nazmy, who passed in 2018, was a true magician who also blessed his son, Marawan and daughter Nancy with many talents as well. Nothing was too small for Mohamed. He strived to make people happy, loved to surprise my groups with unexpected private visits and experiences unavailable to the general public and had a sense of humor balanced with wisdom and insight like no other.

I came to adopt the Nazmy family as my Egypitan soul family. I am always delighted to take new groups and introduce them to my “kin” in Egypt. I rely on Quest travel, almost 21 years later, for continued exceptional service, attention to detail, unparalleled generosity and perks such as our own private sailing vessel on the Nile, private visits to the Sphinx and the Pyramids and the security of knowing you are surrounded by trusted allies and partners.

Quest is guided in the current day by Mohamed’s son and daughter who learned from the master himself. If you decide to come to Egypt, I encourage you to trust your once in a lifetime journey to Quest.”

Dr Imsara – DOM, AP, MPH and Evolutionary Astrologist


A Magical Tour Through Egypt

“The magic and sacred beauty of Egypt and the beautiful souls at Quest Travel are the perfect match if you are looking at planning the adventure of a lifetime! I can’t imagine going to Egypt without first contacting the Nazmy’s and their amazing extended family of employees. There is an immediate feeling of being a part of this family, as soon as the plane touches down. Their professionalism, depth of knowledge and obvious love of their homeland is infectious. I felt safe, held, and cared for in a way that allowed me to go deep into the mysteries and magic of this sacred place. The food, the accommodations, the attention to detail, and the joy are exceptional. Quest Travel is truly the best choice when traveling to Egypt!”

Karen Hefner - MA, MS, ShD - Founder of Igniting Spirit


Wonderful Experience

“Egypt is like nothing I have ever experienced. Its people, monuments and scenery are pure joy. The Afandina and its crew made the Nile a most magical experience. I savored the wonders of the Pharoahs through the words of our Egyptologist. The entire trip was beyond any expectation I could ever have. I am still dreaming of Egypt to this day.”

Elsa Rohow

Beyond Imagination

“Egypt has been in my dreams since childhood, a place I never believed I would visit!
My journeys with Quest Travel have exceeded my dreams !
Under the brilliant leadership of Nancy and Marawan Nazmy and their very experienced and knowledgeable staff…they make anything possible. YES, they do create magic as Egypt is vast and full of the unexplained and the unimaginable . Quest Travel opens doors to places most travelers to Egypt never get the opportunity to see ! Spending private time in the Great Pyramid, on the paws of the Sphinx and sacred sites with many others surprises along the journey !

I have led many trips to Egypt and understand the importance of a very organized, comfortable and thoughtfully planned journey.
Marawan and Nancy have continued their fathers “Legacy of LOVE” and commitment to the highest standard of care, safety, kindness and educational travel!

Egypt and her people will touch your soul and awaken your heart, mind and consciousness for days, months and in the years to come. Egypt continues to influence and inspires my art and continues to call me back!
I look forward to my next adventure to see newly unearthed sites and discoveries but also to reconnect with the people of Egypt who have become my Egyptian family.”

Patricia Bowers


Magical Trip

“Our trip was truly magical. Words cannot describe how beautiful the ancient chambers, tombs, and temples are in the morning light. We also loved traveling down the Nile in our boat…relaxing and watching the slow life of the fishermen and villages that dotted the shoreline.

Quest created a once in a lifetime experience traveling the ancient desert and rivers of Egypt. Our guides were so knowledgeable and also so very kind. The entire Quest staff was cheerful and fun. They made sure all of our needs were taken care of and we did not want for anything.”

Lisa & David Kelly

Extraordinary Journey

“Egypt was totally disarming for me. Being with our kind, caring group, stewarded by caring people, I found my self ~ at the foot of the ancient storied pyramids, looking up from the base of towering sculptures here for us now as experiential gifts from the past, breathing the breath of the arid deserts along the dusty roads, shopping in color-full, busy marketplaces, and sailing on the forever-traveled waters along the fertile banks of the NIle ~ all this, snapped some part of my soul back into place, and gave me a deep sense of inner Connection with our shared humanity. It was truly a unique and extraordinary journey for me, with you. Thank you!”

Diane Clevenger


Partners of Success