7-Night Nile Cruise

Day 01: Cairo/ Aswan/ Felucca

In the morning we take our flight to Aswan, the grand voyage up the Nile. Upon arrival we check in our luxurious hotel. ...
Before sunset, we take a felucca ride around the Elephantine Island to enjoy the Nile breeze. You may then wish to visit the Nubian colorful market of Aswan where we shall experience the essence of the traditional Upper Egyptian market.

Day 02: Philae/ Abu Simbel

In the morning, we take a short coach ride to the lakeshore and transfer to motorboat for the island of Philae temple consecrated to ... Isis, Egypt’s divine mother. We’ll take ample time here to experience the healing energy of Isis and her lovely island complex.
Following breakfast, we drive into the Sahara Desert to Abu Simbel Hewn of a mountain for Ramesses II, this magnificent temple is both an ancient and modern engineering marvel. ​
(Breakfast/ Dinner)

Day 03: Abu Simbel Temples/ Aswan

In the very early morning, you will visit Abu Simbel temples, the symbol of the international campaign for the salvage of the Nubian monuments ..., Ramses II temples and his beloved wife Nefertari. You, then, return back to the Seti Abu Simbel hotel to enjoy your dinner in a peaceful atmosphere.

Day 04: Kom Ombo/ Edfu/ Esna/ Luxor

Following breakfast, we drive back to Aswan and check in our Nile Cruise.
This morning we sail on the Nile ... to visit Kom Ombo, the healing temple of Kom Ombo, a glorious picturesque ruin along the banks of the Nile.
This evening we’ll enjoy the Captain cocktail party on our cruise and our welcome dinner.
As a special treat, later tonight we’ll visit Edfu temple as known as “Horus temple”, the Falcon God, the best-preserved temple of the ancient world. Sail the Nile to Luxor and enjoy the countryside of Egypt as we pass by Esna lock on our way to overnight in Luxor. ​​​​​

Day 05: Luxor temple

This evening we visit the Temple of Luxor floodlit at night. It was the Luxor Temple that R.A Schwaller de Lubicz developed his ... ‘symbolist’ interpretation of ancient Egypt, and called it the “Temple of Man”.​​​​​​

Day 06: Abydos and Denderah temples

Early morning, we visit Abydos, the temple of the Osiris and “Flower of Life”. Abydos is the pilgrimage place for Egypt’s ... visitors and no trip is completed without it.
Then we continue our drive through the country side of Upper Egypt to visit Denderah, “Hathour temple” dedicated to the Goddess of Love, joy and music.
Then, we check in our hotel in Luxor.

Day 07: Karnak temple

During the early morning sunrise, we visit the vast and overwhelming Temple of Karnak.
This temple was built by various Pharaohs ... during different dynasties. Highlights are the Avenue of Sphinxes, the Hypostyle Hall, the Obelisks of Queen Hatshepsut and Thutmosis, the temple of Amon adorned with lotus and papyrus designs. See the Granite Scarabaeus of Amenophis III and the Sacred Lake.

Day 08: West Bank/ Valley of the Kings/ Luxor/ Cairo

We drive to spend a unique time to explore the West Bank of ancient Thebes. Visit the valley of the Kings, with its Royal Tombs, ... a visit to the mighty Medinet Habu, where the eight ‘primordial’ were born. This temple is the Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony of Egyptian architecture. We also visit the tombs of Ramoza of Akhanaton. Afterwards we view Hatshepsut temple from the outside. On your way back, you stop at the Colossi of Memnon.
Lunch will be served in a typical restaurant where you can experience local mouthwatering Egyptian dishes. Then you’ll be transferred to the airport for your short flight to Cairo.