Cairo City Tour

You might have seen already many impressive collections of ancient Egypt’s antiquities in museums in Western countries. But we promise you that none begins to rival the riches on display at Cairo’s Egyptian Museum.


Devoted entirely to the legacy of the pharaohs, the museum has more than 120,000 items of antiquities on display, ranging from delicately crafted jewelry to towering granite colossi of kings and queens.


There we will experience firsthand the different periods of ancient Egypt and their individual artistic and architectural styles.  The highlight of this museum is the visit to the priceless treasures of Tut-Ankh-Amon.


The guided tour will focus on some of the most ancient Egyptian artifacts, yet you will have time to wander the museum in quiet solitude to ponder the artifacts left to us by the pharaohs and to contemplate the mysteries surrounding the great dynasties.


After enjoying our lunch, we will free our souls to enjoy the magically integrated Old Cairo that includes St. Sergi church where the holly family was hidden while they were in Egypt, the oldest synagogue in Cairo, and then visit the Amr Ibn El Aass mosque, an experience of three religions uniting and consolidating.


We will end the day with a fun walk in one of the oldest and most famous Egyptian local markets “Khan El Khalili”, where surprises are endless!