Dahabeya Afandina

Your Home on the Nile – Sail the Nile in Royalty

A Nile cruise is by far the best way to travel through Upper Egypt. Spending time on the Nile allows you to relax, experience the scenery of rural Egypt and see some of the most beautiful monuments of the country. It’s the highlight of every Egypt trip.


Our Dahabeya Afandina offers the romance of the past with modern comfort and convenience that is built in colonial style and beautifully appointed. With a maximum capacity of 20 people on board, this intimate experience allows you to share this magical Nile experience! A Nile cruise on Dahabeya Afandina sailing boat is something completely different. It’s like stepping back into time when travelling was luxurious and leisurely.


You will enjoy a walk through a small village at the golden end of an afternoon and visit villages along the banks, where a huge cruise ship never comes or dock. You will only hear the sound of the breeze through the sail and the water breaking over the bow.


You can relax on the sundeck, read a book, meditate or just watch the landscape gliding by. Every day there is a chance to walk around riverside villages, visit local markets and explore ancient monuments along the Nile. You are far away from the fancy-dress parties of the large Nile cruisers. You’ll find no flashing discos here, but it is possible to attend a show by local musicians.


Surprises will always be awaiting you around the corner! Was swimming in the Nile mentioned yet?