Philae Temple Day

Philae Temple is the magical place where you set your soul free.

Go back in time to when the great gods and goddesses were worshiped. On your private, guided tour of Philae Temple, you’ll explore the sacred site that was built to honor Goddess Isis.


Philae temple was famed for its beauty and was known as the “Pearl of Egypt”, the tiny island of Philae captured the imagination of countless travelers to Egypt from early times; it mystically rises you against the skyline.


It is famed for her symbolism of peace, beauty and love. Surrounded by water, the island of the temple is home to the incredible ancient Egyptian ruins that date back to 690 BC. On this tour, you’ll not only learn about the unique history from your personal tour guide, but you’ll also get the experience of sailing on the Nile River to and from Philae Island. Round-trip transportation in a private air-conditioned vehicle is also included.