Our Legacy

Mohamed Nazmy: An inspiration to the travel industry in Egypt

Mohamed Nazmy, founder of Quest Travel, is and was the gateway to Egypt. His role in life was to connect people from all over the world through Egypt to find their own pathways. He spent his life building a legacy, his family and loved ones. He dedicated his life to his colleagues and thousands of us, his friends worldwide, and for Egypt.


Mohamed Nazmy’s legacy is an opulent tapestry of leadership, generosity, determination, integrity, loyalty, incredible work ethic, faith, humility and pride, strength and gentleness, acceptance and authenticity – a gentleman who walked the journey of his life with wisdom, gratitude and love.


His powerful legacy will radiate, not just in our lifetimes but for generations to come. The essence of his energy will forever be with his beloved family and those of us who have had the pleasure and privilege to meet Mohamed and grow to respect and love him for who he is and what he stands for.

He remains with us – just in a different form and ‘different address’. He is no longer in one place – he is everywhere in the hearts of all of us. The energy flows from one to many.


Inspired from the book “NAZMY: LOVE IS MY RELIGION”, written about Mohamed Nazmy by Sharlyn Hidalgo.