Sakkara & Dahshur Day Trip

If you are traveling to Egypt, make sure to include our Cairo Day Tour to Saqqara, Memphis and continue to explore Dahshur Pyramids, and tick it off your bucket list.

You will visit the very first pyramid in history, Djoser Step Pyramid. Discover Memphis, the first capital of Egypt, then observe the magnificent Dahshur Pyramid, Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid.



In the morning, we will drive to Sakkara to view the most of dozens of Old Kingdom pyramids rise on the West Bank near ancient Memphis.  Around 2630 B.C., Imhotep, architect to King Djoser (Dynasty III), masterminded the Step Pyramid at Sakkara.  As the world’s oldest freestanding stone structure, this pyramid consists of six tiers atop a “mastaba”, or low oblong tomb faced with cut stones.


Dahshur is a must-see for so many reasons. The Pyramids of Dahshur are just as impressive as their counterparts at Giza. You will live an incredible experience inside of the Red Pyramid, prepare your heart for it. This site allows for peaceful sightseeing with no camel tours and vendor merchants in sight.


You may also discover the Mortuary Temple of Sneferu on the left side of the Red Pyramid, from there you can see the Bent and the Black Pyramid. We can guarantee you that you will fascinating pictures from there! Get ready for one more unforgettable trip and enjoy!